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Paradise Rediscovered

Over 40 years ago, one of the world’s largest mining companies made two remarkable mineral discoveries on the island of Fiji.

Amazingly, hardly anything was done on these discoveries in the decades since...until a tiny little company called Thunderstruck Resources (AWE.V; THURF.OTC) secured full control of them last year.

Now — announced just a few hours ago — another big miner has partnered up with Thunderstruck to take the project forward...and drills could be turning soon.

Dear Fellow Investor,

“Fiji.” The name evokes images of swaying palms and crystal-clear waters lapping onto sugar-white beaches.

It might seem the last place you’d find rich deposits of copper, gold, silver and zinc. But the fact is, some exceptional metals discoveries have been made and mined in Fiji over the last century.

Two of these discoveries, however, were never developed. In fact, they weren’t followed up on in any serious, modern manner for decades.

As you’re about to see, that’s going to end very soon.

Why? Because of a major announcement made just hours that signals a remarkable opportunity for fast-acting investors.

Rich Deposits In A Tropical Paradise

Most people don’t realize that Fiji has a long history of mining. Some truly massive deposits of gold, silver, copper and zinc are found there.

And way back in the 1970s, mining giant Anglo Pacific drilled dozens of holes in two targets — called “Nakoro” and “Wainaleka” — and hit long intersections of high-grade copper and zinc.

The highlights included 6.2 meters of 1.8% copper, 12.0% zinc and 25 g/t silver...10.0 meters of 2.3% copper, 5.5% zinc and 47 g/t silver...and 15.5 meters of 1.5% copper, 1.3% zinc and 8.0 g/t silver.

Today, explorers would kill for high-grade results like these from their very first drill holes.

But here’s the deal: Anglo Pacific quickly realized that these were “VMS” targets, and not the porphyry deposits that they were looking for.

Back then, large, lower-grade porphyries were all the rage and higher-grade VMS deposits weren’t understood as well. The thinking in those days was that VMS projects weren’t as large as porphyries.

Since then, however, massive VMS deposits have been discovered and mined around the world. Many large companies (as you’ll see in a moment) are searching for the next big VMS project because of the high copper and zinc grades they can provide.

All this new knowledge came too late for Anglo, however, as they gave up their rights to Nakoro and Wainaleka decades ago.

And those two discoveries lay there, with hardly anyone knowing about them, until tiny Thunderstruck Resources came across them a few years ago.

Setting The Stage

Thunderstruck gained control of its massive Fiji land position back when the metals were still in a bear market.

So company management set about the hard, yet still relatively inexpensive, work of getting all the titles, permits and local approvals in order so that — finally — modern exploration could begin on the discoveries.

Thunderstruck’s team mapped the two land concessions, confirmed the previous work, took hundreds of new soil samples, dug new trenches and began a geophysical (ground IP) survey that’s near completion.

There was still one problem, however: The VMS discoveries needed expensive drilling to conclusively prove if there were world-class copper-zinc projects there.

The solution: Get a big company to agree to a joint-venture to get the expensive exploration work done.

Until Thunderstruck could get a major company to get aboard, the markets weren’t going to give it any credit. Until then, the junior would continue to trade at dirt-cheap levels — less than a C$5 million market cap.

But as of this morning, the markets are about to take notice...because a very big company — perhaps the best partner Thunderstruck could hope for — has just signed a joint venture agreement.

The Drills Will Turn Again

Just hours ago, Thunderstruck announced that Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (“JOGMEC”) has agreed to spend C$3.5 million in exploration on its high-grade Wainaleka copper-zinc project.

JOGMEC is a top choice for junior mining companies seeking a major-company partner. It’s an $8.3 billion enterprise that is aggressively exploring for metals deposits for Japanese industry.

Interestingly, JOGMEC is so excited about Wainaleka that they want to rename it “Korokayiu,” after an historic, nearby mountain.

Most importantly, JOGMEC is intent on not only doing all of the necessary ground work on the project immediately...but also drilling the discovery as soon as possible, during this year’s exploration season.

In other words, this high-grade discovery — after lying fallow for over four decades — is finally going to be drilled.

An Opportunity Only Hours Old...

Again, Thunderstruck is currently trading for a tiny market cap of under C$5 million.

But once the market begins to appreciate the fact that a major partner is going to start drilling this historic, high-grade copper-zinc discovery...this bargain-bin price isn’t likely to last for long.

More fuel is being provided by copper and zinc prices rising strongly in recent weeks. Investors are looking for low-priced opportunities in the sector, and Thunderstruck fits the bill perfectly.

Add in the fact that the company’s other three exciting projects — the Nakoro copper-zinc discovery, the Rama copper-gold porphyry and the Liwa high-grade gold target — are being actively worked now as well...

...And what’s the chance that a junior exploration company with all this going on will still trade for under C$5 million?

Remember: It was announced only a few hours ago that the drills are going to turn once again on Thunderstruck’s historic discovery in Fiji.

Timing is everything, and the news is getting out at this very moment. Don’t miss this chance to get in ahead of the crowd on what could be the next big metals discovery.

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