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Ep. 87: Bitcoin Is the New Dollar in Argentina

Fergus Hodgson, July 17, 2018

Countries with high inflation rates are ideal markets for cryptocurrencies, and no country in Latin America has a more troubled history with fiat manipulation than Argentina. Belén Marty, a local reporter with the news outlet Crypto247.com, explains that Argentines have grown so used to volatile government currencies and speculation that bitcoin faces little resistance in this regard. More...

Ep. 86: Why the Future Looks Bright for Gold

Fergus Hodgson, July 12, 2018

The interest rate in the United States is rising from the dead—albeit in a piecemeal, incremental fashion—as trade tensions intensify across the world. Does the current scenario bode well for gold? Listen to what Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, co-editors and publishers of the Aden Forecast and two of the world's most influential and well-known financial analysts, have to say. More...

Ep. 85: Higher Education Coming Apart

Fergus Hodgson, July 5, 2018

The university system is in crisis. Despite millions invested, very few students graduate and even fewer learn actual job skills. The ballooning student-loan bubble shows no sign of abating. Ryan Hildebrand, assistant professor of Biology at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, has been sounding the alarm for years. More...

Ep. 84: Demystifying the Blockchain Economy

Fergus Hodgson, June 18, 2018

Traditional financial and banking sectors remain wary about the blockchain economy, given the myriad of cryptocurrencies and climbing transaction costs. But for investor, entrepreneur, and biohacker Cassi Konopasek, there is no question: blockchain solutions will become mainstream. More...

Ep. 83: The State of Academic Inquiry in Canada

Fergus Hodgson, June 12, 2018

Accounts of censorship at universities have made major headlines in Canada and the United States, but is the outrage warranted? Michael Kennedy, co-author of the Campus Freedom Index, an annual measure of the state of free speech at Canadian public universities, argues there is indeed a pattern of censorship. More...

Ep. 82: Why Blockchains Are Here to Stay

Fergus Hodgson, May 28, 2018

Bitcoin was the first successful application of the blockchain, but will it survive after central banks and regulators step in? Financial expert Demelza Hays from Liechtenstein walks us through the basics of blockchains and recommends some cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on. More...

Ep. 81: Is the World Getting Freer?

Fergus Hodgson, May 21, 2018

Every year, the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World index ranks countries' openness to markets. But how can one measure something so seemingly abstract as freedom or liberalization? Economist Robert Lawson shares the lessons he's learned while authoring this study for the past three decades. More...

Ep. 80: E-Citizenship Fosters Competition Between Countries

Fergus Hodgson, May 14, 2018

Since 2014, Estonia has attracted individuals from all over the world by letting anyone apply for residency online. Yaël Ossowski, a Canadian journalist, activist, and entrepreneur based in Vienna, joins us to discuss how virtual-residency programs can foster competition between states for global businesses. More...

Ep. 79: Know Thyself: Budgeting in the Social-Media Era

Fergus Hodgson, May 8, 2018

For the first time, total credit-card debt in the United States has surpassed $1 trillion. Many households struggle to make ends meet and don't know where to start saving money. Kumiko Ehrmantraut, aka the Budget Mom, shares her insights as a certified financial counselor. More...

Ep. 78: Is Chile Open for Business?

Fergus Hodgson, April 30, 2018

After four years of Socialist Party rule, Chile's new pro-market administration is touring around the world trying to convince businesses to invest in the country, still the most prosperous and stable in South America. But how welcoming is Chile to foreign investors? More...

Ep. 77: The Antidote to Identity Politics

Fergus Hodgson, April 24, 2018

The politicization of all aspects of our lives is part of a vicious cycle of tribalism, a battle for a slice of the largess. How can we avoid getting trampled by the herd mentality of identity politics? More...

Ep. 76: Colombia: The Pick of the Bunch

Fergus Hodgson, April 20, 2018

Colombia lies amid the disastrous movement of 21st-century socialism of Venezuela and Ecuador, but she has thus far resisted the fatal call. Jorge Eduardo Castro is eager to keep it that way. More...

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