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Ep. 54: Resist the War on Cash

Fergus Hodgson, 12 September 2017

Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International foresees a gradual removal of cash from circulation, as a way to tax people more and cut down on the informal economy, while violating privacy. More...

Ep. 53: Why Ayn Rand Lives On

Fergus Hodgson, 8 September 2017

Ludwig von Mises once described Ayn Rand as the most courageous man in America. Such was her unabashed and proud nature, she relished being described as a man. More...

Ep. 52: Be the First to the Bull Market

Fergus Hodgson, 31 August 2017

Rick Rule believes in fundamental analysis and getting to opportunities before they garner wide attention. "When the wisdom in a trade is obvious," he says, "the trade is over," and on this episode he explains the case for copper and uranium. More...

Ep. 51: Prepare for Uncharted Waters

Fergus Hodgson, 22 August 2017

is Martenson and Adam Taggart are what Brien Lundin calls Ivy League preppers. Unlike many people who predict economic and environmental breakdowns, they are supremely educated and refined in their analysis. More...

Ep. 50: The Way Out of Fiat Currencies

Fergus Hodgson, 11 August 2017

"Wall Street has embraced government," says George Gilder, and he describes the industry as a beacon of cronyism rather financial innovation. He now believes in the dire need for sound money, ideally backed by gold. More...

Ep. 49: Don't Panic! Bitcoin's Growing Pains

Fergus Hodgson, 2 August 2017

Without a consensus on how to address the block-size problem, the bitcoin space is fragmenting and generating confusion for users. Jimmy Song and Pierre Rochard explain that multiple and disparate "bitcoins," coupled with infighting, would be the worst-case scenario. More...

Ep. 48: The Venezuela the Media Won't Report

Fergus Hodgson, 24 july 2017

Venezuela has been the butt of jokes in the American press — lacking toilet paper, beer, and even potatoes for fries at McDonald's — but her history and policies have slipped under the radar. More...

Ep. 47: Conscious Capitalism: Elevate Humanity through Business

Fergus Hodgson, 18 july 2017

Capitalism is the greatest force for human development in the world, and Alexander McCobin is leading a movement to make that known and applied. The co-founder and past president of Students for Liberty — the world's most successful libertarian student organization — now leads Conscious Capitalism, and the network of mission-oriented entrepreneurs is ready to bloom. More...

Ep. 46: Why Markets Fall but Real Estate Still Pays

Fergus Hodgson, 12 july 2017

"The big money players collect streams of income," says Russell Gray. Meanwhile, "they convince the rank-and-file investor to try to buy low and sell high."

Gray wants more people to reap the benefits of owning rental property, and he has trained countless people to do just that. More...

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