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Ep. 72: Three Lessons for the DIY Investor

Fergus Hodgson, March 14, 2018

Many of us have a penchant for handling our own affairs, for going our own way in financial matters. Dickson Buchanan of Monetary Metals has learnt the hard way, and he has distilled his hindsight into three key lessons. More...

Ep. 71: The Fundamental Value of Cryptocurrencies

Fergus Hodgson, March 5, 2018

So many people have gotten rich in the early years of cryptocurrencies, but are the returns all realized? Why are cryptocurrencies worth your time, and why do they command market value? More...

Ep. 70: Alternative Investments 101

Fergus Hodgson, February 28, 2018

With price-to-earnings ratios so high and interest rates so low, there is a compelling case for entering alternative investments, but where does one start? More...

Ep. 69: How to Spot a Bubble

Fergus Hodgson, February 19, 2018

As much as many of us want to believe in the efficient-market hypothesis—that all information is embedded in the price—turmoil and the business cycle continue to challenge the notion of completely rational markets. The question then is, how does one know when there is a market bubble and, perhaps more important, when it will pop? More...

Ep. 68: Criticize by Creating: The Subversive Mindset

Fergus Hodgson, February 12, 2018

"Civic education is designed to create herds of obedient voters," Max Borders writes. He contends that politics is a zero- or negative-sum game, and he is out to promote an alternative: a form of creative destruction that dislodges the status quo. He calls it subversive innovation. More...

Ep. 67: What You Don't Know about Crypto

Fergus Hodgson, February 5, 2018

Is bitcoin the new gold? Chris Blasi responds with an emphatic no, and he takes contention with the term cryptocurrency: "Bitcoin is operating as a speculative investment, not a currency." More...

Ep. 66: The Case for Belize

Fergus Hodgson, January 29, 2018

While many people love traveling and exploring new places, moving to another country as an expat can be a giant leap. It is a way for globetrotters to take their wanderlust to new levels, and to find new financial and personal opportunities. More...

Ep. 65: Start Your Own Stock Market

Fergus Hodgson, January 22, 2018

Where are the customers' yachts? The title of the legendary book in finance by Fred Schwed points to the inefficiency of financial markets and the way they often benefit the administrators more than the investors. Olav Dirkmaat wasn't about to accept that status quo, so he started a new online stock market. More...

Ep. 64: Paths to a Financial Education

Fergus Hodgson, January 16, 2018

So many of us are on the outside of the financial industry, and its jargon, mathematics, and regulations may seem beyond reach. Bill Reese, a finance professor with the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, weighs the merits of trade experience versus formal education options, and then offers recommendations for personal-finance reading. More...

Ep. 63: The Most Insane Currency You Never Heard Of

Fergus Hodgson, December 20, 2017

Venezuela has already shown the world the recipe for hyperinflation. Now she offers the petro, a state-sanctioned cryptocurrency, but that is not all. More...

Ep. 62: What Motivates the Russians?

Fergus Hodgson, November 30, 2017

Russia, Russia, Russia! So much hot air and so little understanding in the wake of Donald Trump's rise, especially with the hyperbole leveled at the new president. But what ideology or strategy actually explains the motives and plans of the Russians? More...

Ep. 61: Can Cryptocurrencies Beat the Dollar?

Fergus Hodgson, November 27, 2017

Normally we interview one person or have a panel, but at the New Orleans Investment Conference, many attendees shared their views as I mingled in the exhibit hall. They assessed the promise of cryptocurrencies and whether they could unseat the US dollar as the most widely used currency worldwide. More...

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