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Ep. 60: Ex-Federal Reserve Insider Speaks Out

Fergus Hodgson, 13 November 2017

Danielle DiMartino Booth says the Federal Reserve is "infected with mission creep." Since leaving in 2015, she has been vocal in her criticism of the overly powerful, parasitic, and bureaucratic central bank, as explained in her book, Fed Up. More...

Ep. 59: Find Yields in a Low-Interest World

Fergus Hodgson, 8 November 2017

Not only are governments offering and successfully selling bonds of very long terms at absurdly low rates, an enormous amount of capital is tied up in bonds earning negative yields. You don't have to follow the herd down this road to ruin. More...

Ep. 58: Can Trump Make Money Sound Again?

Fergus Hodgson, 31 October 2017

Negative real interest rates have become the new normal, a sign of how far the Federal Reserve has strayed from any rational policy, not to mention the inflation of another financial bubble. US President Donald Trump, to his credit, has expressed his concern over the "false economy." More...

Ep. 57: How Judges Came to Rule the United States

Fergus Hodgson, 18 October 2017

Dwight Duncan explains that, going back more than a century, the "Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means." This is in contrast to the desire for a clear document with a balance of powers in the amendments process and removal of wayward judges More...

Ep. 56: Escape the Education Conveyor Belt

Fergus Hodgson, 2 October 2017

Michael Strong loved learning but hated school. Now he designs schools that are not dry environments of passivity and dependence, but rather places of inspiration, innovation, excellence, and creativity. More...

Ep. 55: The Egalitarian Conquest of America

Fergus Hodgson, 26 September 2017

Sven Larson came a long way to be a free man, from Sweden to the Great Plains of Wyoming. He has found, however, that the ideology of egalitarianism that plagues his home terrain of Scandinavia is alive and well and conquering the land of the free. More...

Ep. 54: Resist the War on Cash

Fergus Hodgson, 12 September 2017

Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International foresees a gradual removal of cash from circulation, as a way to tax people more and cut down on the informal economy, while violating privacy. More...

Ep. 53: Why Ayn Rand Lives On

Fergus Hodgson, 8 September 2017

Ludwig von Mises once described Ayn Rand as the most courageous man in America. Such was her unabashed and proud nature, she relished being described as a man. More...

Ep. 52: Be the First to the Bull Market

Fergus Hodgson, 31 August 2017

Rick Rule believes in fundamental analysis and getting to opportunities before they garner wide attention. "When the wisdom in a trade is obvious," he says, "the trade is over," and on this episode he explains the case for copper and uranium. More...

Ep. 51: Prepare for Uncharted Waters

Fergus Hodgson, 22 August 2017

is Martenson and Adam Taggart are what Brien Lundin calls Ivy League preppers. Unlike many people who predict economic and environmental breakdowns, they are supremely educated and refined in their analysis. More...

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