Is Chile Open for Business?

Fergus Hodgson, April 30, 2018 rss iTunes SoundCloud-logo


After four years of Socialist Party rule, Chile’s new pro-market administration is touring around the world trying to convince businesses to invest in the country. Despite setbacks, it is still the most prosperous and stable in South America.

But how welcoming is Chile to foreign investors? Are there remnant policies hindering growth? Axel Kaiser, director of the Foundation for Progress think tank, shares his views on the challenges to turn the country around.

Mining is one of the pillars of the Chilean economy. Kaiser argues that while some sectors remain hampered by regulations, Chile is known for its business-friendly environment and respect for the rule of law, unlike neighboring countries.

Axel Kaiser, pictured next to a photo of the infamous Argentine guerrilla leader Che Guevara, has become one of Latin America’s most influential classical liberals. (Facebook)

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