The Unstoppable Rise of Gold as Money

Fergus Hodgson, 19 April 2017 rss iTunes SoundCloud-logo


If you think gold as a monetary instrument is a thing of the past, think again. Jay Taylor explains that the laws of economics have not changed and that fiat currencies are inherently unstable and inevitably self-destruct. Combine faltering official currencies with new digital mechanisms for holding and transferring gold, and the stage is set for the rise of gold once more.

This week’s guest, Jay Taylor of the Turning Hard Times into Good Times radio show, is a gold bug going back decades. Also a newsletter editor, he believes the shift away from gold as currency has had a disastrous impact on international affairs, given the expanded expanded spending capacity of the US federal government, via the Federal Reserve and inflation tax.

Jay Taylor (right) with “Dr. No” Ron Paul, the former US congressman and presidential candidate of Texas. Paul was the most outspoken political advocate for sound money for many decades. (JT)

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Fergus Hodgson (@FergHodgson) is an economic consultant and Gold Newsletter’s roving editor.