What Becomes of the Broken European Union?

Fergus Hodgson, 20 January 2017 rss iTunes SoundCloud-logo


Brexit is happening, and Election Betting Odds gives it 87 percent likelihood within the first half of 2017. The question then is, what now? What will the European Union look like without the British, the most classical-liberal member nation?

My long-time friend and fellow traveler, Yaël Ossowski, gives an overview of the political will, from his home in Vienna, Austria. Originally from Quebec, Canada, he is a senior development officer with Students for Liberty and a columnist with the PanAm Post.

Brian Ó Caithnia of Dublin adds the data side, as someone who has published on the fiscal crises of the union. He earned his doctorate in economics from Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain, and is a member of the Libertarian Ireland forum. He was also an adjunct lecturer with the Syracuse University campus in Madrid.

Brian Ó Caithnia speaks at the Students for Liberty Regional Conference in Dublin, Ireland. (European Students for Liberty)

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