Why Boring Is Good: Beware of Tech Hype

Fergus Hodgson, November 8, 2018 rss iTunes SoundCloud-logo BitchuteBrighteon


Mike Larson is sounding the alarm over what he perceives to be a growing tech bubble. Exhibit A is Uber, the ride-sharing company worth billions that has been operating at a loss for almost a decade.

He criticizes the hype-driven media and lazy fund managers for a lack of healthy skepticism. A senior analyst with Weiss Ratings, he believes that, just like the dot-com bubble he lived through, easy credit has been fueling overvaluation of assets and tech startups.

Now that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, the easy-money environment will dry up and many firms won’t survive. Larson advocates going back to more “boring” stocks for protection against the eventual unwinding.

tech hype

Once the funding environment changes, a lot of these peer-to-peer companies are going to fall by the wayside, says Mike Larson. (Flickr)

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