China Prepares for Dollar Collapse, Hoards Gold

Fergus Hodgson, March 11, 2019 rss iTunes SoundCloud-logo BitchuteBrighteon


China’s bottomless appetite for gold and other hard assets is at the back of every financial analyst’s mind.

For David Brady, CEO and co-founder of Global Pro Traders, there is no doubt that China and Russia believe a US dollar plunge is on the horizon. He is a CFA charterholder with degrees in business and finance from Dublin City University.

He argues that the Chinese are hoarding more gold than they let on in preparation for a coming global financial reset. When central banks revert back to another round of interest-rate cuts and quantitative easing, he contends, then everything but the dollar will take off.

china gold

Brady believes the Chinese central bank holds over 6,000 tons of gold. (Twitter)

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