Navigate the Maze to Latin America’s Resources

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Latin America is home to less than 10 percent of humanity, but it has 20 percent of the planet’s oil reserves, over half of its lithium deposits, its largest copper mines, and 20 percent of its gold production.

Unfortunately, notes James McKeigue, managing editor of LatAm Investor, several political and cultural barriers render these resources inaccessible. While democracy has brought better deals in terms of environmental impact and community development, institutional inertia and political instability have stalled mining projects and impeded economic growth.

A rise in the price of commodities and forward-thinking governments have recently attracted tens of billions of dollars in foreign investment, suggesting that more good news is coming in the next decade.


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The Andean Mountains span seven South American countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. (GoodFreePhotos)

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