The Fundamental Value of Cryptocurrencies

Fergus Hodgson, March 5, 2018 rss iTunes SoundCloud-logo


So many people have gotten rich in the early years of cryptocurrencies, but are the returns all realized? Why are cryptocurrencies worth your time, and why do they command market value? They do not pay interest or dividends, so Adam Dubove of Members Only—based in Buenos Aires, Argentina—explains how to engage in a buy-and-hold approach.

He makes the point that cryptocurrencies enable peer-to-peer transactions, overcoming the conventional banking system. However, with so many on the market now, including 25 with markets caps greater than $1 billion, you have to do due diligence to assess which are distinct and add value. Given the new field with so many naïve buyers, there are also plenty of snakes to avoid, such as the now defunct one-coin.

Adam Dubove (right) is an outspoken anarcho-capitalist and former activist with the Argentine Libertarian Party. He joined me and two Cuban activists and journalists in Miami, Florida, in 2015. (Adam Dubove)

Adam Dubove (right) is an entrepreneur, anarcho-capitalist, and former activist with the Argentine Libertarian Party. He and I met two Cuban activist-journalists in Miami, Florida, in 2015. On the left is Ana Olema and on the top right is Yusnaby Pérez. (Adam Dubove)

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